Aug 302012
How To Meet A Patient

Many a times we need to see a near or dear one in hospital and we forget some of the basic etiquettes to make the patient happy and cheerful. We should adopt the following protocols when meeting an ill patient in hospital. Be a visitor only. You are going to cheer up the person or […Click to read full]

Aug 152012
Funny Children Stories

Children can make us laugh anytime. Here are some of my real life funny stories of children. Once upon a time, a little girl of around 2 years saw her family members praying God by folding hands and closing eyes. She noticed that Lord Krishna’s eyes were open in the picture. She said – “God […Click to read full]

Jun 022012
Two Deep Looking Eyes

Long ago, I met a young woman who would be around 20 years old at the most. She was an ordinary looking lady. She was clad in a sari with its palla (veil) on her head. Out of curiosity, I asked her the reason. She meekly replied – “My mother in law likes this.” I […Click to read full]

May 192012
My Maiden Speech

A man is not a leader by birth who can deliver speech any time comfortably and confidently. Man acquires this skill provided he is given a chance to give a speech.- Veena Bansal And I am sure that he doesn’t forget his maiden speech. In spite of his well preparedness, he gets conscious. It’s natural. Different […Click to read full]

May 102012
A Positive Change

At times, I am a chatter box. I wonder at that time because it’s not a part of my nature to talk for a long time. Generally, I have to think upon that issue that I can talk about. I can’t talk with everyone and everywhere. Especially, in parties, I can say “Hello” or pass […Click to read full]