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It’s true that generally two opposite natured persons make a good company. It is usually noticed that out of two friends one is talkative and the other is a passive and patient listener. If one is short tempered and the other would hardly lose his temper. One is aggressive while the other is quite cool and he rarely shows disagreement. When one is jolly, the other would look serious. Although in his heart of hearts, he is fan of his friend’s funny nature. If one is introvert, his friend would generally be found an extrovert and social.

Do you know why they become good friends? Because they are convinced and impressed by each other. They love each other inspite of their dissimilar traits. Actually, they have many things in common too. If they were of the same type, they would become rivals, not companions. If two chatterboxes were put together they would simply create a noise. In the opposite case, the room they were sitting in would become a library with a board – “Silence Please”.  And two aggressive persons would always fight and fight.

You know the two hardly know when they start adopting each other’s traits and become mixture of the two contrasts. They admire this pleasant change. This procedure maintains a balance in the relationship between two individuals. Such relations last long.

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  1. . u play with words you convey yur true insight into relationship. putting in words is your talent. sprout more poetry and enthral us with more pearls of wisdom.

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  2. […] Rebel by nature, I challenged her. I won the challenge and topped the class. However, her defeat and my victory didn’t spoil our relation, instead we became the best friends. Her company changed my personality. I used to be serious and she was jovial and reasonably talkative. I also became like her later on. As a student, I was sober, studious and reserved type of girl but she was jovial, alive, frank forward and (yet) studious. She was always found happy and smiling. She inspired me indirectly to be social. That incident really made me think that Opposite Poles Attract Each Other. […]

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