Apr 232012

Sometimes it’s really funny to observe the people around us for whom you will say what non sense! But you can’t. Once you observe them, you will really enjoy the experience.

Those personalities are such that, once you start their topic, everybody knowing them will join you in discussing them.  Such conversation lasts long and entertains everybody.

They will ring your door bell at any time.  They won’t mind entering your house even if they notice some guests sitting in your drawing room.  If you do not ignore them, they will sit among the guests. It doesn’t matter whether guests are known or unknown to them. At that time, you can’t help but only passing a smile. They will peep in other rooms too.  They will chase you to your kitchen. They will try to sense what’s cooked or what you are planning to cook. You may not answer them but they will keep questioning you for one thing or the other. Your house becomes a Past time center for them if you don’t stop their frequent visits politely but firmly.  If you want to get rid of them, learn to be a little rude if necessary. After wards, there is always a scope to apologize.

They will pose as if you are their only kith and kin. They will pretend such (you are my only kith and kin) to anyone they talk to. Actually, they are simply flattering you to win and maintain your company. In their heart, they are afraid to lose your company. Nonetheless, they are bound to lose it with their untimely visits, monotonous repeated talks, intervention in your personal and family matters, and by giving unwanted suggestions.

They have news of almost everyone around them. They can give you information of any one irrespective of whether you require that information or not. Actually they have the tendency of knowing what’s happening around them without any real need of it. Their information sometimes serves the need of the people. They don’t hesitate in helping a maid servant to get a new house and a new house to get a new maid.

They won’t mind helping you, provided you are ready to repay in four times at least. Then of course , you will repent for “I should have done my work myself.”

Thank you to my 11 years old grandson Agrim for making the beautiful picture. Readers please remember to appreciate his effort also.

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