May 102012

At times, I am a chatter box. I wonder at that time because it’s not a part of my nature to talk for a long time. Generally, I have to think upon that issue that I can talk about. I can’t talk with everyone and everywhere. Especially, in parties, I can say “Hello” or pass a smile to anyone but I can’t do much conversation.

I was introvert by nature. When I joined a new college, my sister asked me – how is your college? I said it’s alright. Then my sister told me – “Here you need company, not others. Only you will need to move forward and approach others.” Although I didn’t say anything but I understood the point. I started mixing up and my smile supported me in my effort. Gradually, I said “Good bye” to my hesitation and became a little bit social.

A new comer in my class declared –

I’ll top the class this time.

Rebel by nature, I challenged her. I won the challenge and topped the class. However, her defeat and my victory didn’t spoil our relation, instead we became the best friends. Her company changed my personality. I used to be serious and she was jovial and reasonably talkative. I also became like her later on. As a student, I was sober, studious and reserved type of girl but she was jovial, alive, frank forward and (yet) studious. She was always found happy and smiling. She inspired me indirectly to be social. That incident really made me think that Opposite Poles Attract Each Other.

I came across many friends in life, prior to her and even after her but she was unique. I wish I could see her again in life but there are only remote chances of that happening. Neither of us know the whereabouts of each other.

PS: My friend was Santosh Minocha (Santosh Sethi after her marriage) in B.A. We are not in touch with each other but I would really like to locate her and talk to her.

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  1. give the name and years on the facebook mey be her children can backtract to you.never know.

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