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Children can make us laugh anytime. Here are some of my real life funny stories of children.

  1. Once upon a time, a little girl of around 2 years saw her family members praying God by folding hands and closing eyes. She noticed that Lord Krishna’s eyes were open in the picture.
    She said – “God – close your eyes, close your eyes.”
    Nobody around could help laughing heartily at her innocent instruction to God.
  2. A little boy was fond of dipping the biscuit in hot milk and eating it. One evening, he dipped the biscuit in milk, took it out and as he was going to put it into his mouth, the biscuit dropped down on the floor. His granny started laughing heartily. Her laughter undoubtedly upset the child but she couldn’t control her laughter.
  3. Once, a little girl about 2 or 3 years old asked a woman as to how many children did she have.
    “Two kids” came the reply.
    Girl asked: “Have you got married?”
    The question was undoubtedly older than the girl but situation was funny.
  4. Once a mother threatened her naughty defying child that she would be complaining his granny against him. His prompt reply was “What are you talking? She never scolds me. Does she?” His mother couldn’t decide what to say.
  5. Two little children aged 3 and 7 occasionally went to their maternal grandparents house. They used to draw a picture, color it and paste it on the Drawing Room Wall. They had pasted six pictures on the wall in three pairs. One day, by chance, only the younger child visited these grandparents. He made a picture and offered  to stick it on the wall. But his granny advised him to make one more as single picture could look awkward beneath pairs. He agreed and made one more.
    When both pictures were ready his granny proposed to paste them on the wall but the child  refused to do so saying that we are already having six paintings in our house but they did not have even a single one at their home. He would take these paintings to his home. His granny was surprised at his little calculating mind.
    A little later, he gave away both the pictures for the wall. This way both the children made more than 36 pictures including one painting from their Mama. The Drawing Room Wall looked like A Child Art Gallery.

There is no End to funny stories of children. It is like a Brook in a  poem saying

Men may come, And Men may go But I go on forever.


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  1. Cute stories.

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