Aug 302012

Many a times we need to see a near or dear one in hospital and we forget some of the basic etiquettes to make the patient happy and cheerful. We should adopt the following protocols when meeting an ill patient in hospital.

  1. Be a visitor only. You are going to cheer up the person or show that you care for him. Your visit should not prolong so much that the patient feels uncomfortable fulfilling his basic necessities such as going to restroom or nursing staff feeling difficulty in administering medicines.
  2. Cheer up and cheer him. You have gone to a person who is already suffering. Your saddened or sympathetic face will only remind the patient that he is suffering. So while with the patient, hold a genuine smile. Laugh may be imprudent at this time but if you can make a patient laugh then there is nothing like that.
  3. Let doctor decide the treatment. The patient or his caretakers would have given due consideration while deciding the hospital, the doctor and his treatment. Do not give your unwanted suggestion about the treatment to make the patient suspect his decision. However, if you still feel that your suggestion will help in medically treating the patient then advice very subtly.
  4. Don’t show a patient that he may face the worst. Never narrate a horrible or tragic incidents of other patients in front of the patient. You may be truthful in your saying but you will do more damage than give any good information.

I have seen people not following the above etiquettes which leaves a patient in utter distress. I would highly recommend you to follow them. I would also appreciate if you can add any more basic etiquettes.


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