May 192012
My Maiden Speech

A man is not a leader by birth who can deliver speech any time comfortably and confidently. Man acquires this skill provided he is given a chance to give a speech.- Veena Bansal And I am sure that he doesn’t forget his maiden speech. In spite of his well preparedness, he gets conscious. It’s natural. Different […Click to read full]

May 102012
A Positive Change

At times, I am a chatter box. I wonder at that time because it’s not a part of my nature to talk for a long time. Generally, I have to think upon that issue that I can talk about. I can’t talk with everyone and everywhere. Especially, in parties, I can say “Hello” or pass […Click to read full]

Apr 232012
Very Friendly People Around Us

Sometimes it’s really funny to observe the people around us for whom you will say what non sense! But you can’t. Once you observe them, you will really enjoy the experience. Those personalities are such that, once you start their topic, everybody knowing them will join you in discussing them.  Such conversation lasts long and entertains everybody. […Click to read full]