Apr 232012
Very Friendly People Around Us

Sometimes it’s really funny to observe the people around us for whom you will say what non sense! But you can’t. Once you observe them, you will really enjoy the experience. Those personalities are such that, once you start their topic, everybody knowing them will join you in discussing them.  Such conversation lasts long and entertains everybody. […Click to read full]

Mar 212012
I, He and She (Santoshi Maa)

  He often complains “Your Santoshi Maa no more cares for your wishes.” She knows now “My wishes are not mine, in fact They are originated from your mind, not my heart.” I don’t have any annoyance, for I know her very well. She is as great as she was and will save me from […Click to read full]

Mar 182012
Environment Pollution

We wish for the best of health we love, Without thinking of the fact we aren’t above. How long can we overlook such defect, While the day is not far when we won’t be intact. Responsible we are for facing such defect, By cutting the trees which give us nature touch. A touch survives and […Click to read full]

Mar 132012
Just for you

I promised you to gift with some of my poem, A poem exactly about you when you join. You are the man of the dream of my own The dream will come true was never known. I think of you and your happiness alone I can’t decide how to bring you in tone I wish […Click to read full]